X-ray Technician (Limited Scope)

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X-ray Technician (Limited Scope) - X-ray Vision Isn’t Just for Superheroes

The Limited Scope X-ray Technician is interested in the human body, and how injuries can prohibit it to function well. Helping people diagnose those injuries is part of their satisfaction.

Because they must adhere to specific procedures, they follow instructions well. They are also comfortable being alone with people in a confined setting.

What does a Limited Scope X-ray Technician do?

X-ray Technician (Limited Scope)

X-ray Technician (Limited Scope)

The Limited Scope X-ray Technician plays an important role as a member of the health care team in a physician’s office or a clinic. Their primary responsibilities include the positioning of the chest, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, knee, foot or ankle in preparation for X-ray.

In addition to being qualified to provide X-ray services, the graduate is also qualified to act as a technical assistant by being qualified to perform electrocardiograms, venipuncture, routine laboratory tests, injections, urinalysis, electrocardiography, X-ray film processing, and related back-office patient care procedures.

Please note: The responsibilities listed for X-ray Technician are not the same as the responsibilities of a Radiologic Technologist (RT). An RT (who must be ARRT certified) is different from a Limited Scope X-ray technician in that the RT is allowed to perform other duties, such as X-raying the abdomen. Limited Scope X-ray technician are not enabled to perform these expanded duties, nor are they offered ARRT certification.

What Does Our X-ray Technician (Limited Scope) Program Offer You?

  • Theory and practical application of anatomy and physiology
  • The fundamentals radiographic physics
  • Introduction to diseases and trauma that body systems
  • CPR certification
  • X-ray lab training with regard to positioning the chest, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, knee, foot and ankle
  • The skills to perform venipuncture, injections, urinalysis, electrocardiography and x-ray film processing
  • An externship in a medical facility

What Career Choices are Available to Graduates?

Upon graduation, you will be eligible to take your state’s licensing examination.

After passing this evaluation, will be qualified to work as a Limited Scope X-ray Technician in places like:

  • Physicians' Offices
  • Diagnostic Imaging Centers


  • Clinics

Are There Really Jobs Available For Me?

We could tell you... "Absolutely." But, what we prefer to do is to encourage you to do the research yourself. Get a copy of your local newspaper and read through the Healthcare job listings. Look for your potential job category and see for yourself how many great opportunities will be available to you when you complete your Medi College training. Jump online and search some of the excellent job resource websites for opportunities in your field. The jobs are out there... so don't wait any longer if you want to work in Healthcare. Come to Medi College and we'll prepare you quickly and thoroughly for your new career.

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